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Nucleus empowers practitioners, patients, and investors to grow in the psychedelics industry.

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Investment Features

Why invest in Nucleus?

Nucleus is actively working on tools, platforms, and assets that help to educate the masses and support the psychedelic renaissance.

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Market potential
A growing potential
$8+ Billion market

In August 2022 alone, over five million people searched “psychedelics” on Google, and, in 2019, $17 million was invested into Johns Hopkins to fund psychedelic research.

Audience growth
We’re in growth mode –
50,000+ subscribers & growing

The Nucleus community has over 50,000 members that contribute to over 100,000 pageviews per month.

unique diversification
Primed for diverse exposure– Invest in all facets of the psychedelics industry

Nucleus is a diverse ecosystem with many different companies and brands that lead to a unique world of psychedelic medicine investments.

Meet our team

We're comprised of experienced individuals that are passionate about helping as many people as possible and bringing psychedelic treatments to the forefront.

Dustin Robinson
Co-Founder Nucleus
Co-Founder Iter Investments
Logan Lenz
Co-Founder / CEO Nucleus
Robert Velarde
Co-Founder Nucleus
Co-Founder Iter Investments
Margaret Williamson
Head of Partnerships
Sydney Alcala
Platform Engineer
Bri Gagliardi
Head of Relations
bruce Eckfeldt
Content Producer
Sam Baum
Marketing and Events
Mabel Nash Greenberg
Account Manager
Vsevolod Doroshenko
Systems Engineer
Charley Sklar
Content Producer
Adam Tubero
Content Producer
Dillon Newman
Content Editor

“...development and launch of a one-of-a-kind platform to inspire the growing community of psychedelics to explore, educate, connect, and even schedule bookings with an expanding list of clinics, therapists, coaches, and retreats across the globe.”

“This is all in an effort to give the power back to patients so they can better understand themselves as they grow and evolve..”

“...a platform with various tools to help guide individuals on their mental health journey.”

Hub & Spoke model that drives instant value

Our Hub-and-Spoke infrastructure places Nucleus at the center of the growth of the industry.

We make it easy for third parties to “plug and pull” the data and tools in real time. The hub-and-spoke layout also allows for more efficient two-way interactions between entities and data points.

See how Nucleus empowers
Real-time industry data

Neuly distributes this psychedelics-related data through integrations and an API.

Explore current market data
Tools for every stakeholder

Nucleus allows for everyone from patients, investors, and healthcare professionals to access and utilize information.

Leverage our tools
Market leader in investor access

Stay up-to-date and in-the-know

The Psychedelic Invest Podcast

The Psychedelic Invest podcast has published two seasons filled with industry experts and compelling origin stories. Join the thousands of listeners and get to know the brilliant stakeholders pushing this industry forward. You can listen to the 20+ episodes anywhere that podcasts are available.

Hosted by Bruce Eckfeldt
Sponsorship opportunities for brands
Season 3 is coming soon
Weekly Extractions - Industry Updates

Weekly reviews of the psychedelics market and the companies operating within it. This has allowed the Psychedelic Invest YouTube channel to become one of the most popular in the psychedelics industry regarding investments.

Hosted by Adam Tubero
Analyses on the companies operating in the industry
Published weekly and promoted on psychedelicinvest.com


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What customers & Investors are saying


"You guys are rockstars!"

Ann Watson
Beckley Retreats

"Psyrise has helped us grow our practice and rethink all of our processes."

Ketamine Clinic of South Florida

"Neuly has helped my agency leverage industry data so that I can make better decisions."

Donne Strompf
Good at Marketing

"Not a lot of companies are innovating while also helping companies reach a wider audience. Nucleus is doing exactly that and we are proud to support their efforts.

Eric Rahn
Rahn & Associates

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